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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> police are trying to solve this morning. >> police, grief and heart break-in orlando, as people come together to remember the victims of the night club massacre now we're learning new information about the man behind the deadliest shooting rampage in american history. >> and love in response to hate. the special tribute to one of those victims who recently graduated from high school right here in philadelphia. today is tuesday, june 14th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm brooke thomas. we are getting your day start wad check on weather and traffic with katie and meisha a of course jim has the day
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off. we miss him. >> so glad nicole is with us here, as well, happy tuesday, roads are looking good. they are just littered construction. we're used to. that will so we'll just move right along. >> and of course the weather is so perfect for those guys, so we cut them a break, the kind of weather they want to be working in, so hopefully they will a be chipper, and it looks as though sun glare will be an issue for us once again, still little time to kill becomes hour or so before the sun glare becomes too much after problem. but right now, it is all calm and quiet -- quiet. spec to go see essentially the same story as yesterday. lighter wind, comfortable day, nice warm afternoon with the sunshine. currently we are into the mid 60s, upper 60s in spots across delaware, six after it the story, for both the a.c. airport and wildwood, quite cool though up in the poconos i might add, 40's up that way. depending on location bit of different set of weather
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accessories, you might want to leave the house with, you might want a jacket or fleece heading further to the north. at the shore actually quite comfortable, mid upper 60s jen list. around the region we go, if your travels do take to you one of the resort towns today lucky you, you pick fantastic day, to make a day trip here. 79 degrees in the sunshine down at the shore point. in the poconos, probably only get to about 70. but that's really nice and comfortable. and in the city of philadelphia, with the low humidity, and lighter breeze it, might as well be perfect day here, 80 degrees in the sunshine, meisha, looks real nice. >> does look perfect. katie, great, so get outside, this is your excuse, eat lunch maybe outside, as well, good morning, everyone, looking at the roads right now, vine completely closed moving in both the eastbound and westbound direction for the overnight construction between the schuylkill and broad. so i'll let you know as soon, let us know if you are headed the taught vine, because it is closed right now, 401 and route 30, left lane compromised right now because of construction in the area,
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as well, you are dealing with it there, as women. also 95 and street road, casino of very dark camera shot here, but basically 59 north, from street road, 95 south the off ramp. so really anywhere around street road dealing with construction, just heads up on that, ben franklin bridge, you're looking great. moving in the westbound direction from jersey looking good there, we do have gas line repairs here in pennsauken, route 38 eastbound between route 130 and route 70, two lanes are block right now, they'll be block until 6:00 a.m. on saturday. this is most certainly going to slow you down this morning, so i'll be tweeting it out and keep you updated all morning long, brooke, nicole, back to you. >> new this morning we have to del but deadly hit-and-run in the lawncrest section of philadelphia. police found a woman lying in the middle of the road after being hit and killed. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at the scene with the very latest on that, jan? >> brooke, nicole there is was extremely powerful crash, police say, once this victim was hit, she actually road the striking vehicle's hood for
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200 feet before falling to the ground. she was pronounced dead here on scene, late last night, and since then police have been interviewing witnesses, and searching for this hit-and-run driver. now the boulevard as you can see has reopened this morning, but this is what the scene looked like earlier. police say this young woman in her late teens, early 20's, was crossing the boulevard at adams avenue around 11:30 last night. outer northbound lanes walking in the crosswalk with the green light when she was hit. she was on her telephone at the time. police say a white or silver mini-van had just exited and was traveling northeast on adams when it struck this woman, her body then rolled on to the hood of the vehicle. >> when she got hit the impact caused her to come out of her footwear, both of her slippers are still on the highway. her cell phone, which she had in her hand, is broken and also on the scene. and the earrings she was wearing were actually torn
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from her ears and they are also laying on the highway. so she was hit with such impact it caused her body to travel about 200 feet north after being struck. >> now, witnesses say, this van was speeding at the time, the speed limit in this area is 40 miles per hour. witnesses describe the striking vehicle as a white or silver mini-van, probably ten to 15 years old, and likely now has front end damage, as win shield damage. as for the victim, her body was taken to the medical examiners office for autopsy. she has not yet been identified. police say she had no id on her. we'll keep you up-to-date on this story, for now we're in lawncrest, nicole, "eyewitness news". >> thank you so much, another fatal accident this one involving a bike and a car, bike rider killed after being hit in pennsauken camden county around 10:30 last night. chopper three was over the scene on route 130 south at
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north park drive. still waiting for police to tell us whether the driver stopped at the scene. >> also, new this morning, four people are in the hospital after a driver apparently lost control of her car and hit a group of people on the 300 block of south street. the car jumped a curb around 1:00 this morning and hit three men and a woman. now, their injuries are not life threatening, the 21 year old driver stayed on the scene, police say it does not appear drugs or alcohol were factors in this crash. >> the feds are now labeling the gunman who shot 49 people to death inside an orlando night club a home-grown extremist. sources tell cbs news that omar mateen may have visited pulse night club on several owe cases before the massacre. fbi said radicalized partially through the internet. president obama will travel on thursday to pay respect to the victims. authorities have recognized all killed, and of those hurt, 34 still in the hospital.
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snap chat video captured the party early in the night the moment the gunman opened fire. >> those were the last moments of amanda as life. she was one of the people killed in the worse mass shooting in modern us history. she was 25 years old. well, philadelphia was among many places where people gathered to remember those victims. >> thousands were at the vigil outside city hall last night, look at this, police had to shut down jfk boulevard to traffic. west catholic high school graduate, a among the 49 people who died sunday night. mayor jim kenney got emotional when he talk about her. >> and i can't tell you how devastating it is that she was in that club. so make sure we all grab each other, hold onto each other, and we'll get through this altogether. >> members of murray's west catholic high school basketball team led a march around city hall.
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>> we're also learning more about the gunman's past this morning, sources tell cbs news, 29 year old omar mateen was active on social media on on line. the fbi found evidence he may have researched disney world as a possible target before choosing the pulse night club. he has been on the fbi radar before in may 2013, he boasted of family connection toss al quaida, and a member of hess bull a up in two separate investigations the fbi cleared mateen in a interview with, and his father said he doesn't know if his son was a follower of isis. >> i wasn't aware of what he did. i wish he was alive, i would ask him why did he do that. that's not the way i allow my son to behave that way. >> is he said what his son did was an act of terrorism, how much, he dot not believe his son was a terrorist. stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to cover the terror in orlando. the. the philadelphia area
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still reeling from another tragedy in florida. >> hundreds of people come together to remember a local singer killed after a concert. find out which pop star is offering to pay for her funeral. >> and the phillies man accused of throwing a bottle at ryan howard finally comes forward. we'll talk about the punish. he is facing when he comes in front after judge today. stay one fifth of all the fresh water in the world flows into one incredible experience you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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camden wasn't an easy place to grow up. but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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a south jersey community remembers singer christina grimmi. the marlton native killed after a concert in florida. >> hundred cents gathered to remember her at the memorial sports complex in evesham. kevin shot and kim the 22 year old as she signed autographs, then turned the gun on himself. her brother marcus was with her and tackled the suspect to the ground. >> she was arms open wide. so she had no idea. she treated everybody the same. it was hard for her because she was introverted. >> authorities in florida are
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still searching for a motive. they say he traveled to the show specifically to target grimmie. maroon five lead singer adam levin has offered to pay per her funeral. >> closing arguments will continue today chaka fattah. eleven term democrat accused of arranging ill league a.m. campaign loan, paying back with it with federal grant money. it fattah's defense lawyer say his political consultants are responsible. four co-defendant are on trial with fattah. two other have pleaded guilty. >> the man accused of throwing a beer bottle at phillies first businessman ryan howard scheduled to appear before a judge today. philadelphia police say 21 year old sydney smith of wilmington surrendered to detective friday. this is a college student. the university of delaware student was issued a citation for disorderly conduct for the june 4th incident. the summary offense could result in a fine of up to $300
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t. >> wow, all right, and it is 4:42, kate is here with another check on the forecast. >> what a day it was yesterday. >> i think i can actually do you one better, i know, tough stuff, really. >> it is actually looking just phenominal today. because you have all of the little, you know, things that you can put on the checklist for what would make perfect day. you lose the wind. that was one thing that we still had yesterday. it wasn't even that bad. but, it was more after refreshing breeze, but it has beside it now high pressure basically hang order overhead. do you have activity well off to the west, eventually systems moves in, which we will discuss, now with high pressure in place you have just got beautiful day coming up here with the low humidity, with the nice comfortable warmth and the sunshine, what more could you ask for, right? looks like great excuse to hit any kind of outdoor activities that you have got scheduled. meanwhile, we keep it around, sunshine that; into wednesday, but then specially by the late afternoon, we start to see clouds building in. may and shower around that night specially too as the moisture starts to really ramp
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up in the atmosphere, turns more humid. so enjoy today, even the start of tomorrow while you have got it. thursday right now looks to be our wettest day of the pack, end up with more of scattered variety of shares, maybe possibly steady rain, couple of thunderstorm, too, this area of low pressure glides across with that frontal boundery nearby. now, today, would be fantastic excuse to hit the pool. uv inch decks nice and hi, sun block required, as it always is anyway, but today specially that sun will be extra strong. mostly sunny though with that low humidity. what more could you ask for? 80 degrees in philadelphia, and we will keep the temperatures pretty much on par with that around some of the outlying suburbs. looking down toward the shore point, talking mid 70s generally today, another beautiful day for the folks hitting the beaches. we will hit the 80s tomorrow, thursday, as women, come friday we start to see things clearing out, bodes well for fathers day weekends. take a look, low 80s, sunshine, what we are calling for for both saturday and sunday. not bad. >> not bad at all. what a beautiful weekend ahead.
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thank you so much. happy tuesday, good morning to you, dealing with some construction out here, looking right there 202 southbound between 202, slow moving around there, but just not enough vehicles out there to really hang you up little bit. so just know it is out there. it will pose a problems as we push deeper into the 5:00 hour. right now still okay. construction also on 95, street road, hard to see it here it is a very dark camera, 59 north the onramp from street, nine at south the off ramp to street road. anywhere around street road basically you have construction this morning, and will slow you down later on as it gets cleared out of our way. vine still closed moving in both the westbound and eastbound side between the schuylkill and broad. so just know that that is closed this morning, it wasn't yesterday, monday, but it is closed again today. new jersey, 42 freeway, first look here, heading northbound at creek road. you can see it is looking pretty good. a lot of early risers as you approach 29a over in new jersey basically anywhere you are looking all right. gas line repairs in pennsauken, route 38 eastbound
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between route 38 and 70, two lanes block until 6:00 a.m. saturday. also admiral wilson boulevard eastbound, that right lane is also blocked there. then, just know this, delaware memorial bridge southbound one left lane block today between five a.m. and 8:00 p.m. nicole, back over to you. >> meisha, thanks so much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, apple unveils some big changes to improve the iphone. >> the key new features, and when you can start using them when we come back. >> also, new rules for kids in carseat. important news parents needs to know, and the penalties they face for breaking the law. we'll be right
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no antibiotics ever. it's not the easy way. it's the perdue way. >> philadelphia police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run along roosevelt boulevard. investigators say the victim had the green bright when a car hit her while crossing the boulevard at adams avenue. police are looking for a white or silver mini-van right now. >> four people are recovering after a car jumped a cushion the 300 block every south street, it hit them on the
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sidewalk. their injuries are not life threatening. >> after rondo holds cans -- orlando holds a ville i can for the people killed in the club. president obama will travel to orlando thursday to stand in solidarity with the community. 4:49 right now. time for a check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. stocks and wall street, pulled back watch are investors watching today? >> reporter: well, the federal reserve begins its two day policy meetings today. tomorrow, invest letters finds out if the fed will raise interest rates. most analysts say very unlikely after may's jobs report showed very big hiring slow-down. brooke, nicole? >> and jill, we know apple's developers conference kick off yesterday in san francisco. so what are some of the big announcements? >> okay, so, apple is giving most of its product a big upgrade. the watch has some new apps, they'll open about seven times faster than they do now.
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siri available on mack, not just iphones, emojis are getting bigger. for the first time ever if you don't use some of the pre-loaded iphone apps, could you actually delete them. >> alleluhia. >> available later this morning. >> so excited about, that avenue folder it is like labeled trash. because i don't want that on my phone. dreams do come true, jill. thank you so much. >> those apps take up a lot of room, right? >> they do. so frustrating. that's awesome. >> see you in a bit. right now 4:50. the rules for kids riding in carseats just got a little stricter in pennsylvania, governor tom wolf signed a bill forcing parents to put all children under two years old into a rear facing carseat. a rear facing carseat reduce as child's risk of seriously get being hurt or killed in a crash. pennsylvania's new law takes effect in two month. police will give warnings for the first year, and after, that drivers can be fined $125. if you're headed out the door, stay updated when
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katie's forecast on our sister station "kyw news radio" 106o. >> also, the st. joseph's university family is in mourning after the brother of a star basketball player is shot and killed in north carolina. plus, an acme cashier files a grievance after she is suspended for wearing a patriots i can determine i am dress to work on memorial day. new guidelines for how many servings every whole grains you should eat every day to live longer. check in two, three, four times a day on "kyw news radio" 1006 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up after the break, another check on weather and traffic. stay with us, we're coming
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good morning, these days so nice and long, already zink the lie of day pop over the horizon, sun won't come up for another 40 print or so. that said, once the sun does rise, looking ahead to fantastic dayment it is very comfortable outside right now on storm scan, couple of clouds rolling through here, but not necessarily indicative
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of anything to come today. gorgeous day is expected here in our area. now, as we look at the health report, one thing that do you start to find when you have got nice, gorgeous weather, that lasts you a while, especially this time of year, that your air quality can starting to downhill. so, do you have moderate level of air quality, pollen levels, still somewhat moderate, too, hasn't been as much after player lately, but the uv index, of course in full sunshine, will be very high, heat index, not terrible at all actually, because what you see is essentially what you get on the thermometer just because you have got low dew point here today so this is pretty much the best hair day we've seen, in the last few days, in the sunshine, you have got the low humidity, you lose the wind. so go ahead, go for that intrinsic hairstyle, why not? 80 degrees in the sunshine today, just lovely. sixty-three for tonight's low, still quite comfortable. looking forward in the seven day forecast, we will at least flirt with or at least hit the 08 degrees mark in the days ahead. fathers day weekends, i will put it right out there, looking pretty phenominal.
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we do have at least initially some problems down the road here, for thursday, especially, as our next system pushes in. will bring more widespread scattered still showers and thunderstorm, but that could be really any time. meisha, thursday is the next day i would say keep the umbrella on stand by. >> most certainly. katie, thank you so much for that. and today will be awesome. this weekend will be awesome, like she pointed out the fathers day for all of you pappa's out there, awesome news about this weekend. looking outside construction, between 401 and route three lost the left lane. soap, it is casino of okay right now, but what is going to ends up happening, because so many vehicles out there so early, really start to slow you down, i would say pushing into the 5:00 hour. make note, 202 southbound between 401 and route 30 still out there. vine, hopefully will be opening soon, it is still closed right now, moving in the eastbound and westbound side, westbound side hopefully just now starting to open. eastbound side will then soon follow. schuylkill eastbound at spring garden moving into center city looking really good. that's just beautiful shot
4:56 am
there. a loft early risers on this tuesday, i will say that. fifty-nine south at cottman looking good, how much, coming around the s curve, looking nice and stealth i. do have construction here, passyunk avenue bridge, there is traffic pattern shift because of bridge repairs, that starts 7:00 p.m. tonight, until next summer. so this is something that we will get used to, fairly quickly, nicole, brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", in orlando as investigators look for motive, into the deadly massacre there. >> also, out of the office. why pennsylvania's governor is taking some time away from the job for the next few days. plus: >> ♪ >> cast carpool karioke without a shirt. >> i she. >> see why james cords end went shirtless with members of the red hot
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new this morning, dangerous stretch of road turns deadly again. right now, police are looking for the driver, wanted for a deadly hit-and-run on the boulevard, and that's not the only mystery police are trying to solve this morning. >> also, new this morning, an out of control car jumps a curb, hits four people before slamming into a building. how the bystanders are doing this morning, and what police say are saying about the driver who hit them. >> and love in response to hate. people came together to remember the victims of the night club massacre from orlando to philadelphia. the tributes to the 49 lives cut short. today is tuesday, june 14th, good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm nicole brewer. jim is off for the day. katie and meisha are here
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though keeping an eye out this morning. good morning. >> yes, good morning, happy tuesday, roads are look good. just a loft construction out there. no accidents to report. i do have update on the delaware memorial bridge coming up. >> good to know. definitely looking ahead to beautiful weather yet again today. fantastic day, i mean, if you thought yesterday was great, i think you will actually like today even better. still had bit after breeze to contends with out there, but yesterday, but at this point it really has tapered off nicely. storm scan, completely quiet. devoid of any storms at this point. will change can time, not today, won't see much activity, so move it along, taking a look at the area temperatures r we are right now, mid 60s up and down portions of i59, notice, couple of cooler spots though, actually a bit of a clearer sky in trenton, 59 degrees, cooler by comparison, even in mount pocono, only in the 40's, though, depending where you begin your travels this morning, you may want to think about adding a extra layer on top of that t-shirt and shorts that you have got to hit the


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